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HOTPRESS , 29 August 2001.

"It's no easy gig being a tribute band, particularly when your inspiration is U2.Not only are they one of the highest profile bands on earth, but their legendary musical ability, passion and vitality are an integral part of the complete package. For a tribute band, this means you have to look right, you must do justice to some of the finest rock music ever written and you have to capture and transmit that indefinable energy that fuels U2.

Meet Rattle and Hum. Coming from Dublin themselves has maybe given them an advantage over other U2 tribute bands, but it doesn't end there. They are also impeccable and experienced musicians who possess both the physical power and the psychic energy that playing the music of U2 to a live audience demands. The four members, despite individual visual theatrics, become one powerful unit onstage, much like U2 themselves.

Rattle and Hum's 2 hour extravaganza covering all stages of the bands career from 'Boy' to 'All that you can't leave behind', opens as we are whisked back in time to the ZOO TV tour. The leather trousers, the huge Fly shades, and, just as essentially, the tongue in cheek 'Dadaesque' Bono .In the first hour-long segment we are treated to all the highlights of the Zooropa tour as well as the cream of U2's earlier hits.

Part two sees the four re-emerge on-stage in the guise of today's Elevation era U2.As well as songs from the current album, we get a series of 'classics' that have wowed audiences the world-over for years. After another hour of blistering performance the Boys leave the stage to the strains of the elated crowd singing 'How long to sing this song?' from the anthem '40', with Rattle and Hum the answer is 'As long as you like guys'."